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Winter Playdate Activities For Toddlers

The winter months are among us & we need to find some fun inside to entertain our little kiddos! Here are some indoor activities that I’ve tried & have been a big success!

Sensory Play

Sensory activities are easy, fun & great for toddlers to learn and stimulate their senses. Here are a few ideas:
– Dry Bins: Grab a couple bins and place inside colorful rice, beans, pasta with spoons, scoopers, measuring cups & just let your toddler explore!
– Slime Time: Slime is super fun & easy to make with just 3 ingredients! Combine equal parts of school glue & liquid starch… then spice it up by adding the food coloring of your choice to make it your own!

Kitchen Helpers

Get some kid-safe utensils and give each kid their own cutting boards and soft items to cut, such as bananas, avocados, etc. They will love being able to “cook” in the kitchen like their Mom or Dad and you will love the extra help! This is an amazing fine motor skill developer.

Imagination Exploration

You know the joke of “buy them nothing” because they are just happy with the box? Well, use that notion and set up a bunch of boxes for the kids to stack, climb over, scoot around in, whatever they feel!! They will have a blast and be entertained for a long time!


If your kids are like mine, they looooove grooving to the music! Turn up some of your favorite Disney movie hits & let the kids break it down! They will use up a lot of energy & it will be incredibly entertaining to watch!